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Over 230,000 documentary viewers; DVDs, books, mobile Apps, & course curriculums; 12000 acres of habitat secured; rare birds and turtles stewarded; tourism enhanced; & with 40 partners.

A region of unparalleled beauty.  An award winning organization.

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Locally Grown. Locally Owned.

TLB Straight Up! The Land Between is and has never been a government sponsored organization. Instead TLB has been built and maintained by the efforts of 2 community leaders. It is Pure Love, pure grassroots, a result of dedication, commitment, and vision, and a cause for celebration. This is our evolution

Landowner Support and Site Visits

TLB has the highest percentage of shoreline to area in Ontario, and the least soils, making water a vulnerable resource. TLB is also a biodiversity hotspot with species, habitats, and ecosystem services that are essential for our wellbeing and for our neighbouring regions. These features buffer the effects of climate change. TLB is working to assist landowners in stewarding these assets for future generations. We are providing support to landowners and shoreline owners! Read more

Erin first shot

Exploring The Spectrum- TLB Hunting Documentary

Building on past successes, TLB launches feature length documentary on Hunting Heritage for fall 2015. Meet Erin from California and living in Toronto. We sent her on training courses, to explore the hunting experience. Why? Read more.. Want to be involved and get recognized: Sponsor the  doc

Rebecca Palmer_turtle

Saving Turtles at Risk

The Earth is known as Turtle Island, while TLB is turtle country harboring over 30% of rare turtles in Ontario. Turtles clean water, live for over 400 years and are being lost quickly. TLB works to save turtles, by installing signs, mapping locations, and with our Turtle Guardians Program. You can Help out