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We put the Land Between on the map in Ontario. Help us keep it in the hearts and minds of Canadians for all time.  Join TLB’s It’s pure campaign and Keep It Real!

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An innovative organization with a unique governance structure.

The Land Between has evolved out of the efforts of two community leaders. It’s vision is to achieve animate and active bioregionalism in Ontario, and to celebrate and enhance the unique natural, cultural and socio-economic features of the region. It is the first organization in North America to embody the Talking Circle in its bylaws and to honor the original treaties in its constitution. TLB is a responsive and refreshing organization in today’s climate. This is our evolution

Book a Site Visit to Steward Lands and Waters

TLB has the highest percentage of shoreline to area in Ontario, and the least soils, making water a vulnerable resource. TLB is also a biodiversity hotspot with species, habitats, and ecosystem services that are essential for our wellbeing and for our neighbouring regions. These features buffer the effects of climate change. TLB is working to assist landowners in stewarding these assets for future generations by providing incentives and site visits. We are working to assist municipalities with tools and information for best practices. Read more

Erin first shot

TLB is Exploring Hunting Heritage. Why?

Building on past successes, TLB will launch a feature length documentary on Hunting Heritage for fall 2015. This region is a meeting place of species of deer and moose, woodchuck and river otter…and of peoples; of Mississauga and Mohawk, and of Urban and Rural. In order to understand both worlds, we sent Erin, who hails from California and lives in Toronto, on hunting training courses, and to explore the hunting experience. You may be surprised to learn about the dedication, culture, and contributions of hunters. Read more.  Support this effort: Sponsor the doc

Help us Save our Iconic Turtles. A TLB species.

TLB is “turtle country” hosting more than 30% of the populations of turtles in Ontario. Turtles are important in keeping our water clean. Although they can live for over 400 years, due to many factors including road mortality, turtles are being lost quickly. Over 50% of turtles in the world have been lost in the last 20 years. Help us save turtles, by supporting the costs to install signs, by reporting observations for our biologists, or by becoming a Turtle Guardian. Help out