A landscape with a unique culture, unparalleled beauty and biodiversity.    An organization providing leadership for research and conservation of this significant region.

Over 1/2 Million documentary viewers; DVDs, books, mobile Apps, & course curriculums; 12000 acres of habitat secured; rare species stewarded; tourism enhanced; & with 40 TLB partners. We put the Land Between on the map in Ontario. Help us keep it in the hearts and minds of Canadians for all time.  Join TLB’s It’s pure campaign and Keep It Real!

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Protecting Our Headwaters. Conserving Biodiversity.

New Funding and Tools to Support Shoreline and Tract Landowners

 With the highest percentage of shorelines in Ontario and the least soils, water here is vulnerable to pollution. The region also provides important functions to counter climate change effects. It is a biodiversity hotspot with species, habitats, and ecosystem services that are essential for our wellbeing and for our neighbouring regions. Thanks to RBC, EcoAction, and Salamander Foundations, we can provide assistance to landowners of incentives, site visits, and stewardship plans. Read more